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124 Grand Market: Faces of the Community Spotlight: Justine Ma

Justine Ma and her Incredible Family Join us in June as our Influencers of the Month

Each month of the market season, The 124 Grand Market will highlight a different #YEG Influencer that we think is pretty great. These #YEG Influencers are Edmontonians who are passionate about our great city and all the things that make YEG special. They have an interest in cultivating their community, growing it to new heights by encouraging their local businesses, charities, and other organizations to be the best of them all. Ultimately, #YEG Influencers flourish a sense of family within their community. #YEG Influencers know the ins and outs of the city and they pass that information on to the people. For the month of May, two incredible community-driven people were selected to be our Market Influencers. This month’s individual was none other than Justine Ma.


Justine Ma, of Justine Ma Designs, is a designer and hand letterer here in Edmonton, Alberta. Along with her jack-of-all-trades husband, Mike, and her daughter extraordinaire, Ruby, Justine is a well respected professional, and member, of the Edmonton community. Her open-minded and empathetic demeanour makes her an easy-to-talk-to person and, overall, a truly genuine individual. Her designs are focussed on her calligraphy, as this is what she is best known for. There is no better calligraphy artist in Edmonton than Justine Ma. Like many of our artisans, her creating started in her home and is now recognized internationally. Her collection includes a lot of home-friendly items, mugs, cards, ornaments, baby minis, stationary, and much, much, more. Not only does she design beautiful items for your home decor, she also teaches contemporary calligraphy and water brush lettering classes for beginners in Edmonton! Her designs are unique because they are classy yet real, she comes up with phrases such as, “I <3 the shit out of you,” and, “Let’s be little old ladies together.” They’re poetic in a sense that the humour she puts out into her designs is humour that we can all relate to. That humour being honest expressions of our feelings. We do love the shit out of our favourite people, and we sometimes dream of growing old with our friends and being “little old ladies together.” That’s what makes Justine so special, she gets it. Not only does it show in her work, it shows who she is in the way she says hello, the way she converses with you, and the way she loves her family. That is why Justine is so successful in her line of work because she is relatable and real in the way she presents herself both online and in-person.

Justine is a great friend of the market, she comes almost every week! When she does, she makes sure to say hello. Her husband is a kind soul who loves his market beer and treats, and Ruby, her daughter, is a sucker for Revolution Ice Cream Co.



She’s also a big fan of the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Ruby is a member of our Little Beans program and every week she learns a lot about where her produce comes from. She loves coming to the market and finding the answer to our question of the day, she’s pretty good at it too because she’s a smart kid (like all of our little beans ;)! Did we mention that Justine and her family love supporting their local community? Well, they really do! And they really love The Colombian’s Moutain Coffee. You can often find them at their new cafe in Glenora.


Overall, Justine Ma and her family are incredible friends of the market and we are so happy that she was kind enough to be our market influencer for the month of June. We want to thank Justine for being a great community ambassador for the city of Edmonton, for supporting local, and for being a part of the market family. We hope that we’ll work together again in the future! For now, we’ll see you at the 124 Grand Market.

Stay up to date with this badass lady and all that she does by following her on social media and reading her blog!





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