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124 Grand Market: Faces of the Community Spotlight: Kari & Ryan

A Couple Neighbourhood Friends Lend a Helping Hand to Their Community

Each month of the market season, The 124 Grand Market will highlight a different #YEG Influencer that we think is pretty great. These #YEG Influencers are Edmontonians who are passionate about our great city and all the things that make YEG special. They have an interest in cultivating their community, growing it to new heights by encouraging their local businesses, charities, and other organizations to be the best of them all. Ultimately, #YEG Influencers flourish a sense of family within their community. #YEG Influencers know the ins and outs of the city and they pass that information on to the people. For the month of May, two incredible community-driven people were selected to be our Market Influencers. These individuals were none other than Kari Skelton & Ryan Jespersen.


Kari Skelton is, amongst many things, a style guru, super mom, and blog aficionado. She’s taken Edmonton by storm by uplifting her community to higher levels. She works with her local businesses to build her community up. She also continuously partners with incredible charities like the Ronald McDonald House to help those in need, constantly striving to make Edmonton a better place by being kind and humble to her city. Kari’s goal is to experience adventure. She wants to constantly discover new things, this includes conversing with the community she loves. She’s a family driven, strong-willed, Edmonton woman. She adores her charming family which includes her son Wyatt, her pup Moses, and her partner in crime, Ryan Jespersen. We’re incredibly happy that Kari could be our Market Influencer for the month of May, and going forward, she’ll always be a part of the 124 Grand Market Community.

Ryan Jespersen, who is Kari Skelton’s other half, is a big part of the Edmonton hockey community. You probably recognize him as the hilarious and well-spoken Edmonton Oilers Home Game in-house arena announcer, or maybe you recognize him from his radio show on Global News named after himself, The Ryan Jespersen Show on 630 CHED. Either way, Ryan is a staple in the Edmonton community for many different reasons. Not only is he well known for his role with the Oilers and his radio show, he’s also an incredibly charitable man. Ryan has had his hand in many different charities and non-profit organizations here in Edmonton such as the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters, the Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation, and many other organizations throughout the city and the province of Alberta. He’s also a super dad, a loving husband, and his dog’s best friend. We’re so happy that Ryan could be our Market Influencer for the month of May, and going forward, he’ll always be a part of the 124 Grand Market Community.

These two astounding individuals create one of Edmonton’s greatest power couples, and as a result are both incredible Community Ambassadors.

Follow Kari and Ryan, and what they do, by checking out their socials, as well as Ryan’s radio show:

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