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124 Grand Market: Faces of the Community Spotlight: Ryan Parker

Each month of the market season, The 124 Grand Market will highlight a different #YEG Influencer that we think is pretty great. These #YEG Influencers are Edmontonians who are passionate about our great city and all the things that make YEG special. They have an interest in cultivating their community, growing it to new heights by encouraging their local businesses, charities, and other organizations to be the best of them all. Ultimately, #YEG Influencers flourish a sense of family within their community. #YEG Influencers know the ins and outs of the city and they pass that information on to the people. For the month of August, one of Edmonton’s best photographers and a man of the city, Ryan Parker, was chosen to help represent the 124 Grand Market.


Ryan Parker, along with his wife Claire and his son Jackson, was a no-brainer when it came to picking a market influencer for the month of August. Ryan exemplifies what we at the 124 Grand Market strive for, a strong work ethic, a great sense of family, support for his community, and a love for all things local. Ryan did more than we could have ever asked for when it came to being our market influencer. He and his family showed up almost every week to either our Sunday market or our Thursday market, which is more than we asked for and this helped us fall in love with the Parker family. He brought his camera with him to snap photos of the market, and also of his son Jackson enjoying the fresh berries and the family friendliness of the market.


We at the 124 Grand Market are so happy and grateful that Ryan was our market influencer for the month of August. We couldn’t have asked for a better member of the community to come and share the market with us! Thank you, Ryan, Claire, and Jackson.

Ryan also took some incredible photos of the market, which you can find at the bottom of this article.

If you didn’t know, Ryan Parker is one of Edmonton’s best portrait photographers. However, Ryan isn’t only a great photographer, he is also a great actor and has been for the last two decades. On his website he says that he doesn’t take pictures of people, rather he takes pictures about people. Which says a lot about who Ryan is as both a person and a professional. He cares about the story behind the portrait and that is a sign of a great artist. Ryan just wants to help people get one step closer to achieving their dreams and he feels he can do that with his portraits, and we agree. Recently, Ryan and Claire have opened up a photography backdrop operation called Parker Backdrops. The dynamic duo hand paints custom backdrops for photographers and they are some of the nicest backdrops we’ve ever seen. If you are looking for a new backdrop, one that is unique and locally made, check out Parker Backdrops.

Lately, you can find Ryan’s face around Edmonton as MacEwan is using him for promotional materials because he is an alumnus. So he’s a local guy with a great family and a great business that aims to promote people and raise his community up!

If you’re looking for new headshots or portraits of any kind, please contact Ryan Parker because he will capture your story with his photography.

You can follow Ryan and see what he and his family are up to, here—



Ryan Parker Photography

Parker Backdrops

Now for some of his market photos, all photos are by Ryan Parker:






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