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124 Grand Market Feature: Lactuca

67f77c0eefe211e283e622000a1fb86d_7Lactuca- The Urban Farm

Lactuca is Travis and Kevin. They are currently farming 2 urban locations in Westmount & North Glenora and are on the hunt for more urban space in the process of a considerable scale-up.  They use no pesticides or herbicides, and fertilize with compost.  They are winter gardening keeners, and supply produce from April through November at the 53rd parallel via the use of old-school cold frames, which are heated only by passive geothermal and solar energy. Lactuca transports produce by bike wherever appropriate, and are constantly looking for ways to tweak out production.

There current salad-blend packaging for market is compost-able, so once you’ve reused it a few times, please chuck it into your garbage, not the recycle bin. Better yet, buy the stuff by the pound at The 124 Grand Market and save yourself the packaging cost entirely!

Sorrel, lovage, and tarragon kept the spring mix interesting, and they are just now transitioning into allium and brassica blossoms and the post-flea-beetle brassicas coming on strong. Time for mixes to get punchier by the week.

See them each Thursday at the 124 Grand Market, with a different local lettuce blend.

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