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This article was written on 13 Jun 2012, and is filled under Vendors.

Bits + Baubles

Bits + Baubles is a collaboration of two friends, Krystin and Cori, who try to be as creative as possible in their spare time. They make jewelry, hair bows, bow ties, tote bags, envelopes and other crafty knickknacks.

Krystin is a mama to one very sweet little boy who is (mostly) happy to accompany her on treasure hunts for vintage fabrics and pretty baubles. Though, currently the bulk of her time is spent raising and loving her family, she feeds her need to create by making pretty little things that might ask nicely to come home with you. Krystin makes few of a kind jewelry and sewn pieces, incorporating vintage and reclaimed materials as much as possible – She’s a huge fan of the found object. Her creations are inspired mostly by nature along with an effort to find balance in the juxtaposition of textures, beauty and function, old and new, etc. But mostly, it’s just fun!

Cori is a hoarder, or rather a collector of old abandoned things. Whether it is the box of vintage floral sheets found in her parent’s basement or a 1960s issue of LIFE magazine from the dusty shelves of an Antique Mall, she will make use of it. A recent crafting obsession was making paper envelopes from maps and paper from old magazines and children’s books. Curiously, this hobby only blossomed twice a year always around exam time at the University. Now as a post-graduate she has spare time to craft and, like Krystin, enjoys the hunt for vintage fabrics and paper and reusing them through various sewing and paper projects.

Together Krystin and Cori are Bits + Baubles and you can see them most Thursdays exclusively at the 124 Grand Market!

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