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This article was written on 07 Jun 2012, and is filled under Vendors.

Dhala, Dhala

Dhala, Dhala is Chelsea Burke

Chelsea grew up in an environment of unabashed food love. Since the day her grandma slipped spicy curry into her rice as a child, she’s been hooked. Growing up in east Vancouver on Commercial Drive she was exposed to many types of food from a myriad of cultural influences.

Sous Chef to her mama since the age of 6, she learned a few tricks, allowing her to experiment in the kitchen. She aspires to be half as good at cooking as her grandma and mom. She is influenced by the many regions of Indian cuisine. She believes that there are so many cultural influences in Indian cooking, mainly the South, which is basically where her food love peaked. She is in awe of South Indian street food particularly Mumbai because it is one of the best food cities in the world. A city where food and community are one in the same.

Chelsea loves Edmonton and the growing food community. Especially the availability of exotic ingredients and beautiful local producers like Gull Valley tomatoes, which will probably be in every dish she makes. She is grateful to Kirsta Franke and Shannon Bowler for providing the perfect venue to make delicious treats for you and hopes you like them.

Kiddies in the Dhala, Dhala chill lounge eating Dhal Nachos at the 124 Grand Market


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