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This article was written on 19 Jun 2012, and is filled under Dogs of 124.

Dogs of 124

The Dogs of 124 Grand Market

In starting an outdoor market on the street, one of the biggest decisions to make is whether or not to allow dogs… Now I love dogs, although I am not a proud owner, I want to embrace the life and vibrancy they bring to a space. Dogs are as much a part of a family, so why should they miss out on all the fun in the community? I’d like to encourage you to bring furry friends to our market evenings. Please remeber to clean up after your dog, And dont forget to come say hello to have a photo of your prized pup taken!

Terra & Huddson #1 31.05.12

Jane #2 31.05.12

Spatz #3 31.05.12

Unknown #4 07.06.12

Eli #5 14.06.12

Zeiss #6 14.06.12

Jack #7 21.06.12

Daisy #8 21.06.12


  1. Fran
    June 28, 2012

    How about cats? I’d love to bring my furbaby Yuki :)

  2. […] to conjure enough courage to ask proud dog owners if I can photograph their cute puppies for a post similar to this one, but until then, you’ll have to make do with Willow, who Marianne and Charles were dog sitting […]

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