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This article was written on 17 Sep 2012, and is filled under Vendors.

Gourmet Girl

Most of Sarah’s childhood was spent happily in the kitchen. The memories of aromas and flavors that came from her mum and grandma’s kitchen were vivid and exhilarating. Her childhood was what pushed her into the culinary industry and to which has laid the foundation for Gourmet Girl Cookies. Having a childhood influenced by how food was grown, raised and prepared, Sarah noticed the happiness and comfort that came with it. Building from that childhood nostalgia Sarah started working in kitchens and always found herself wanting to bake cookies. The cookies are not just any ordinary cookie they are steeped with memory and traditions but elevate the fondest parts with ingredients often never thought to be put into a cookie. Bacon fat, potato chips, pretzels all seem to fit while still holding onto that childhood memory of your mom’s chocolate chip cookie. Many cookies that Sarah bakes are from family recipes that she mixes her own style into, while still having the essential elements of quality and care that go into any good memory.

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