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Little Beans Sponsor Spotlight

Introducing This Week’s Little Beans Sponsor: THE ORGANIC BOX

The Little Beans program at the 124 Grand Market is a free, interactive and educational initiative which introduces kids to fresh, local foods and educates them about where food comes from. We want to support families in their efforts to raise community-minded children, while encouraging nutrition and a connection to local food production. Each week, kids receive a Little Beans Market Token to exchange with our farmers for fruits, vegetables or edible plants of their choice. Little Beans are empowered to make their own healthy food choices, meet their local farmers, and get excited about good food!

We have had an extremely positive response to Little Beans so far. Over 125 children have registered in the program since our launch on June 4, 2015. Each week, many families come to the market with smiles on their faces, ready to pick out their goodies: maybe a cup of cherries, a bag of carrots, a chocolate mint plant, or an organic peach.

We want to help raise the next generation of market shoppers and healthy eaters! We are extremely thankful for our sponsors who help make this program possible. We are proud to share this week’s sponsor: The Organic Box!

The Organic Box shares the 124 Grand Market vision of supporting sustainable agriculture and contributing to vibrant, healthy communities. The Organic Box is family-owned by Danny and Miranda Turner and their two sons, with over 50 staff members in Edmonton and their own farm in Creston, BC.

From fruits and vegetables, to baked goods, milk and pantry items, The Organic Box offers a huge selection of local, delicious, and seasonal organic items delivered right to your doorstep. You can customize your box contents or allow them to select the very best our local organic farms have to offer.


The Organic Box is much more than a food delivery service. They firmly believe in growing their Food Family to expand access to fresh, local, organic foods for all people, through education, philanthropy, and community participation. Here’s what Miranda and Danny have to say: “The Little Beans program allows us to share our love of local and organic food and to shape lifelong eating habits. If we are ever to create a widespread sustainable food system we must plant those seeds now in the appetites of the future.” Whether it’s making organic food convenient and available through home delivery, slingin’ organic produce at the 124 Grand Market or supporting an array of community programs such as Little Beans, The Organic Box is an invaluable partner in supporting local economies, promoting healthy living and working towards a just food system.



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