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IMG_5431Prolonged Winter has Caused Growing Season Lateness!

Hello! The 124 Grand Market is here to talk about seasonality. There has been a bit of a buzz about the lack of produce that you usually see at this time at the market.

The weather is a very unpredictable one. For the most part, Alberta growing season usually starts around the months of April/May and runs until the fall frost or October 31st, whichever comes first.  Although seeding is supposed to begin 10 days after the average temperature hits 5 degrees Celcius, there is no specific start time for crops in the prairies. As we all know, there was snow on the ground up until the end of April, so this delayed our farmers by a few weeks and although the weather has been fairly okay the last month or so, the growing process doesn’t magically speed up.

Some larger producers will be able to cellar some root vegetables over winter, and others will use Greenhouses to promote early growth. Not all producers have access to these resources.

We understand that some of our patrons come to the market to get their weekly produce, but we just wanted to explain that the lack of fruits and vegetables at the moment is beyond our control. Let’s be patient and be glad for the rain!

If we could, we would wish for more produce to magically appear, but we can’t so all we can do is be patient and wait for the good food to come because it will in due time! The market should be more bountiful within the next month or so and you’ll be able to truly fill your baskets with the many fresh produce we’ll have!

Here are a few articles about this year’s weather:

Global news flooding, Global news bees.

Here’s an article from the Government of Canada about growing season in the prairies.

We’re with you when it comes to loving locally grown produce so we want you to be in the loop.

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