124 Grand Market


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Busy Bees working hard to bring their passions to you.

Good Morning Honey is owned by Richard and Amber Ozero. This is what they have to say about their beesiness… “We are beekeepers living in Alberta, Canada. Before the bees found us Amber and I were working in Television News. I spent many years in front of the cameras as a TV Weatherman, but, had this need to get “back to the land” having grown up on a farm. While searching for a home in the country for our young family I met an old beekeeper and quickly became friends. When he retired years later he convinced me to take over and follow in his foot steps by learning the ancient tradition.”

Their honey is prized for its colour, silky smooth texture and delicious taste. Richard notes that the northern Canadian climate and long summer days offer the bees the chance to forage on a wide variety of wild flowers along with clover, alfalfa and canola. Their bees are so important to them and so they handle them with great care and harvest all honey by hand before processing it in their state of the art facility.

With the globally declining bee population we need more people like Richard and Amber to keep our world bees safe, happy, and productive. 

Rayann Fleming of Let’s Get Stoned began making jewelry as a hobby and to style herself. Family and friends soon started to ask where she had gotten the jewelry so they could get their hands on some as well. This prompted her to started selling some pieces for fundraisers and when people began to show an interest in the jewelry, she decided to make my pieces available even between fundraising events. Now she is producing jewelry that she hopes you will love as much as she does.

Her work consists of semi precious stone bracelets, wire wrapped rings, pendants and more!

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