124 Grand Market


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Pure ingredients for a healthier you.

Pure Essentials (formerly pure living enthusiasts) is run by two very special women, Rachel Blacklaws and Jaylene Renneberg. These ladies are spiritually minded and physically conscious, and have designed Pure Essentials with the intention to help others on their journey toward a more organic and sustainable way of living. They have a product for everything, they stock 70+ essential oils and various products formulated to help you live your best life. Market Managers top picks are: Root Down muscle balm, their natural deodorant, and Rejuvenate Facial Oil.

Urban Pierogies‘ mission is to operate as a socially conscious food company that supports local farmers and businesses while producing products that contribute to your health and well-being and align with your values. They want you with where your food comes from. Their pierogies are all vegan made with organic ingredients, free of additives and preservatives, and manufactured and packaged in a health-conscious environmentally responsible way. This is Urban Pierogies first year with the 124 Grand Market and they have been such a wonderful addition to our market family.

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