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This article was written on 24 Aug 2016, and is filled under 124 Grand Market, Market Exchange, Vendors.

Vendor Profile Allden Foods

***Vendor Profile***

Allden Foods joined us this year at the 124 Grand Market and we are very happy to have them on board. Allden Foods is committed to creating health, and nutritionally balance ready made frozen meals prepared with fresh produce. Each meal that you can purchase from Allden Foods at the 124 Grand Market (or order online through their website here) is well balance with the entrees being made up of 50 per cent vegetables, 25 per cent protein and 25 per cent starches. As well each meal contains 2 portion entree that can be stretched to feed 3 or 4 people if you serve it with bread, salad and/or soup. The entrees are created with the purpose of being frozen, Allana has tested all of her recipes to ensure the texture, taste and quality can hold up in the freezer.

“Allden foods was birthed out of my experience. Because I knew how it felt to need healthy balanced prepared meals that I could eat every night for dinner but be unable to provide that, I knew I could help my community of friends who needed the same. I’m offering healthy and affordable solutions to your busy lives and imperfect diets.”- Allana Allden Foods

You can find Allden Foods this Thursday at the 124 Grand Market on 124 street and 102 ave (east side) 4pm -8pm. Stop by and check out all of the delicious meals you could have for dinner this week.


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