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Vendor Profile – Archive Boutique, Herbologie, & Leegion Eats

Vendor Profiles – Meet some of our friends!

Our Market features the best local vendors in town. Every Wednesday during Market Season we will be releasing Vendor Profiles as part of our collaboration with our amazing vendors. This week we’re highlighting the whimsical Archive Boutique, the empowering Herbologie, and the always spicy but delicious Leegion Eats. These three vendors bring a bright, joyful, and flavourful aspect to the 124 Grand Market!



Archive Boutique creates beautiful handmade, and hand-painted, jewelry here in Edmonton. When you come by their tent at the 124 Grand Market (or find Archive at other markets and craft shows in Edmonton) you will stumble upon unique statement necklaces, with gems and different textures, perfect for layering with other items you already own, or to wear as a stand-alone piece. The earrings that Archive sells are elegantly hand painted wooden gems. You can find whimsical earrings that are sure to make you smile. Her earrings are of geometric designs and are painted with a very, very small paint brush, meaning that Archive pours all of their love and care into their products. Stop by this Thursday at the 124 Grand Market and check out all the wonderful things Archive Boutique has made for you!

You can find out more about Archive Boutique and keep up to date with everything they’re doing here-






Herbologie develops products that enhance the consumer’s food experience by providing blends and spices that complement your home in a sustainable fashion. Herbologie’s goal is to build a deeper understanding and connection to our food which, as a result, creates an easy choice for sustainable products. Herbologie offers individual herbs and spices as well as botanical blends that provide you with socially responsible, high quality ingredients and products, to make your life that much better.  Some of the products that Herbologie creates include, coffee boosters, recovery blends, and mindful concoctions. Make sure to swing by the market this Thursday to see the wonderful products they made to better your life!

You can find out more about Herbologie and keep up to date with everything they’re doing here-






Leegion Eats offers hot sauces that satisfy all the taste buds. A fresh face to the Market, Lee is definitely bringing some much-needed heat. Making hot sauces for every consumer, Leegion Eats offers sauces that are not only spicy but more importantly, tasty. Perfect for adding a little kick to your everyday meals or even simply adding a bit of brightness to your dishes as Lee’s sauces are made using fresh ingredients. Come see Leegion Eats at this Thursday’s Market and make sure to chat with Lee as he loves his community and communication, he’ll tell you all about his magic sauces and why they’re perfect for you!

You can find out more about Leegion Eats and keep up to date with everything Lee’s doing here-




Tune in next week for more on our vendors.

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