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Vendor Profile Effing Seafoods

***Vendor Profile***

Effing Seafoods is the best place to get your seafood from in Edmonton. Rob grew up in a Commercial Fishing family on the coast of British Columbia and we’re positive salt water runs through [his] veins. You can find Effing Seafoods and their great seafood at both Grand Markets! Talk to Rob this Thursday 4pm- 8pm at the 124 Grand Market about where and when he caught the seafood in his truck, he’ll be happy to answer!

“We only source seafood caught in the pristine waters of the Canadian coasts, stretching from the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean to the temperate coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean. You can be sure that if you are eating Effing Seafood, that it came from Canada and we know exactly where it came from.” Effing Seafoods

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  1. Frank whitford
    March 4, 2017

    Was wondering wat your prices are n wat you sell I see neither was wondering mainly about Halibut

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