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Vendor Profiles — Barrel Chicken Co., Denise Walker, & Westmount Soap Co.

Meet some of our friends!

Our Market features the best local vendors in town. Every Wednesday during the market season we will be releasing Vendor Profiles as part of our collaboration with our amazing vendors. This week we’re highlighting the delicious Barrel Chicken Co., the incredibly talented writer, Denise Walker, and the exceptionally hand-made Westmount Soap Co. These three vendors bring some of the best in their respective fields to the #124grandmarket.

barrel chicken-01

Barrel Chicken Co.

Barrel Chicken Co., operated by the grand Jonathan Chaffee, offers to the market some of the best tasting chicken around. The chicken is smoked and BBQ’d in barrels and offered with specialty sauces, salads, as well as other delicious sides. No one else in Edmonton does smoked barbecue chicken better than Jonathan. Barrel Chicken offers catering and private event cooking here in the Edmonton area and has quickly become the city favourite for smoked chicken. If you’re a fan of barbecue and smoked meat, hospitable business owners, and portions larger than your face, Barrel Chicken is the food-spot for you. You can catch them at the market on most Thursdays and some Sundays.

You can keep up to date, and see what Barrel Chicken Co. is up to, here—




Denise Walker-03

Denise Walker, author.

Denise Walker, author of “Cedar Valley” (2016) and “Pick Your Poison” (2017), is a good friend of the market as well as a talented writer of poetry and fiction. Her novel, “Cedar Valley,” deals with the horrific reality of overpopulation, murder, and the lengths people will go to break the law. When overpopulation threatens the human race, drastic measures are taken to remedy the issue. This is a book that you won’t want to put down. Her other book, a collection of poems, “Pick Your Poison,” deals with her own personal battle with addiction and recovery. Raw and very real, “Pick Your Poison,” tells it like it is when it comes to addiction. A collection of poetry everybody should read to further understand the dangerous world of addiction and the reality of it all. Denise will be at the market this Sunday, as well as a few more times at both the Sunday and Thursday locations, this summer.

You can keep up to date, and see what Denise Walker is up to, here—




Westmount Soap-01

Westmount Soap Co.

Westmount Soap Co., run by the clean Ryan Lister, manufactures hand-made soap here in Edmonton that is inspired by the community around them. These hand-made, all-natural bars of soap, are scented with only the highest quality essential oils. The company is family owned and at the 124 Grand Market, you can find Ryan smiling with his neighbourhood friends. The soap is all-natural, that means they don’t have any artificial colouring added to them, no fake fragrances, or any of those crummy synthetic materials that are often added to high-manufactured products. No, Westmount Soap Co.’s products are perfect for your entire body, and it’s even soft enough for your hair! You can find Westmount Soap Co. at this Thursday’s market and the next three Thursday markets as well as this Sunday’s market.

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We hope you’re enjoying these vendor profiles, share with us what you love the most about these market makers? Stay tuned for next Wednesday when we share with you more about our awesome vendors.

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