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Vendor Profiles — Bourgondier, Frida Antojitos Mexicanos, & Mini Kitchen

Meet some of our friends!

Our Market features the best local vendors in town. Every Wednesday during the market season we will be releasing Vendor Profiles as part of our collaboration with our amazing vendors. This week we’re highlighting the delectable Bourgondier, the savoury Frida Antojitos Mexicanos, and the spicy but delicious Mini Kitchen. These three vendors bring some of the best-tasting food to the #124grandmarket.



Bourgondier, owned by Jonatan Billiau, is a producer of fine Belgian pates and terrines, storms the 124 Grand Market on Sundays. Producing delicious authentic Belgian dishes for your taste buds. Bourgondier started this year and has made its mark on our Sunday markets. According to them, a bourgondier is someone who enjoys life to its fullest thus, their products are full of life and they fill your mouth with joy. It also defines someone who shares their pleasures with others, which is perfect for pate and terrines as they are great to share with everyone! Bourgondier focusses on creating a satisfying motley that gives their products a uniqueness, unlike other pate makers. This makes their products good for all to enjoy. These pate masters make the nay-sayers disappear with products that scream delicious instead of pretentious. Find them at the market this Sunday!

You can keep up to date, and see what Bourgondier is up to, here—




Frida Antojitos Mexicanos

Frida Antojitos Mexicanos, run by Juan Rosas and his family, is an authentic Mexican food producer at markets throughout the city of Edmonton.  They produce delicious tacos, flavourful enchiladas, tasty guacamole, and much, much more, all inspired by Mexico’s antojitos. They’re inspired by Frida Kahlo, one of the most famous and greatest Mexican artists of all time. She was known for her portraits and many self-portraits inspired by the artifacts and world of Mexico. Frida Antojitos Mexicanos take Frida’s artistic style and implement it within their vibrant culinary experiences, making them one of the more unique Mexican food makers in Edmonton. They are real, authentic, and most importantly, incredibly delicious. Find them at this Sunday’s #124grandmarket.

You can keep up to date, and see what Frida Antojitos Mexicanos is up to, here—



mini kitchen-01

Mini Kitchen

Mini Kitchen, run by Damini Mohan and her mother, is an Indian and Thai inspired food producer of pre-prepped meals, naan bread, sauces, and other Indian & Thai dishes. Their main focus is to create delicious and nutritious ready to eat meals that patrons of the market can simply pick up and make at home with ease. Starting in 2012, Damini and her mother have worked together to provide traditional Indian and fusion cuisine to Edmonton just like it’s cooked in their home. Mini Kitchen features some of the best curries you can find in Edmonton and their ingredients are always fresh and locally provided. Not to mention their butter chicken is to-die-for, and when you pair it with their naan bread, it becomes a perfect combination of a classic Indian meal. If you’re a fan of Indian food, as almost everyone is, you will definitely have to try some of Mini Kitchen’s foods. You can do so at both this Thursday and Sunday’s 124 Grand Markets.

You can keep up to date, and see what Mini Kitchen is up to, here—





We hope you’re enjoying these vendor profiles, share with us what you love the most about these market makers? Stay tuned for next Wednesday when we share with you more about our awesome vendors.

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