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Vendor Profiles — Concept Beard Co., & Truffula

Meet some of our friends!

Our Market features the best local vendors in town. Every Wednesday during the market season we will be releasing Vendor Profiles as part of our collaboration with our amazing vendors. This week we’re highlighting the essential Concept Beard Co. and the delicious Truffula. These two vendors bring some of the best locally produced products to the #124grandmarket.

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Concept Beard Co.

Concept Beard Co. created by the humorous and genuine Mike Beal to grow the beard culture here in Edmonton by providing beard care for the discerning gentlemen. However, Mike doesn’t only help grow beards, he also builds cutting boards and wood boards out of some of the best pieces of wood you can find. These planks are great for your home as charcuterie boards, cutting boards, serving platters, or even as decorative pieces. The boards are beautiful and they are perfect for your home! As for the beard products, they range from beard balms to beard oils with varying scents! Mike and his wife, Nicki, were finding it difficult to track down beard oil in Edmonton and so they wanted to fix that problem. All of the products are created by Mike with a lot of help from his wife, and that hands-on care can be seen and smelled of his incredible products. He is environmentally conscious with his products and looks for the best way to not negatively impact the world around him. For example, he does not use sandalwood because the species itself is in heavy decline and at risk of disappearing in certain areas, so Mike stays away from that! Mike’s goal is to offer the best product for his customers and to work with the customers to create even better products and to satisfy their beard needs. Catch Mike this Thursday at the 124 Grand Market.

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Truffula, run by Allison Landin, is an incredible plant-based cheese creator at the 124 Grand Market. Handcrafted here in Edmonton, Alberta, Allison took her love of cheese and translated it into a product that could be enjoyed by most. Being plant-based, Truffula’s cheese can be enjoyed by most people barring food allergies as they are cashew based cheeses. They are incredibly delicious and some are even better than the real deal. Her products range from soft cheeses to harder cheeses, cheesecake parfaits, crispbread, and more. Her crispbread is made of sprouted seeds and onions, and they are so good on their own and paired with the cheese. Truffula’s cheeses are of a wide variety like Cracked Peppercorn, Maple Mustard, Organic Cream Cheese spread, Organic Dill, Organic White Truffle, and much more! The Cracked Peppercorn is absolutely delicious, as are all the other cheeses. Allison was inspired by a desire to create food that is equally delicious and nutritious, and suitable for all walks of life. Truffula takes a holistic approach in their preparation. They use traditional methods such as fermentation and dehydration, to enhance the nutritional value and flavour profile of the raw, organic, whole foods that they use in their products. Catch Truffula this Thursday and most other Thursdays at the 124 Grand Market.

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We hope you’re enjoying these vendor profiles, share with us what you love the most about these market makers? Stay tuned for next Wednesday when we share with you more about our awesome vendors.

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