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Vendor Profiles — Fuzzy Tail Treats, Persian Empire Pastry, Roasti Coffee Company

Meet some of our friends!

Our Market features the best local vendors in town. Every Wednesday during the market season we will be releasing Vendor Profiles as part of our collaboration with our amazing vendors. This week we’re highlighting our furry friends’ best friend Fuzzy Tail Treats, the meticulous Persian Empire Pastry, and the to-die-for  Roasti Coffee Company. These three vendors bring some of the best treats around to the #124grandmarket.

fuzzy tails-01

Fuzzy Tail Treats

Fuzzy Tail Treats, based out of Stony Plain, Alberta, is a bakery specializing in healthy treats for your furry friends. Run by Shauna Godsman, Fuzzy Tail Treats features no preservatives or nasty ingredients, they only use the best human grade ingredients for their pet focussed foods. Their products range from ‘Pupcakes’ made with Peanut Butter & Honey, Apple & Spice, Banana, Carrot, and more, to products such as Cakes—which feature similar flavours—pretzels, cookies, and regular treats! They really have quite the menu for our fuzzy friends. Their cakes are specially ordered but their other products can be found at the market. Speaking of the market, Fuzzy Tail Treats will be at the next two Sunday markets, so make sure you come down with your furry friend to pick-up some amazing Fuzzy Tail Treats!

You can keep up to date, and see what Fuzzy Tail Treats is up to, here—



Persian Empire-02


Persian Empire Pastry

Persian Empire Pastry, based out of Edmonton and run by Mehdi Makiabady, is a delicious hand-made Persian bakery that specializes in new and exciting forms of Baklava, shortbread-style cookies, and other Baklava styled baked goods. Their pastries are so delicious and full of flavour that they simply melt in your mouth. Made with love and care, Mehdi and his partner spend countless hours prepping, baking, and cutting out incredible assortments of Persian baked goods. They’re a market regular, so stop by anytime both Thursday and Sunday and say hello. They’ve always got big smiles and they’re always more than happy to let you try their products so you know just how good they really are. You won’t regret going home with some of these baked goods!

You can keep up to date, and see what Persian Empire Pastry is up to, here—




Roasti Coffee Company

Roasti Coffee Company, a #YEG favourite and based out of Sherwood Park, Alberta, is run by Andrew Hayes. Roasti’s coffee is so good because it comes from a specialty coffee producer from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. However, their coffee isn’t only Brazilian, they also feature some of the best Costa Rican and Sumatra Organic coffees, so you know that with Roasti you’re able to go on a South American coffee trip right here in Edmonton. Roasti is our Sunday market coffee supplier and now, they will be taking over our Thursday markets too! You want to come and support Roasti because not only do they provide us with some of the best coffee in town, they’re also environmentally friendly, offering their clients recyclable and reusable packaging. Roasti just wants you to, “Enjoy the Grind.” So come on down to the #124grandmarket to enjoy a nice cup of joe with our friends from Roasti Coffee Co.

You can keep up to date, and see what Roasti Coffee Company is up to, here—






We hope you’re enjoying these vendor profiles, share with us what you love the most about these market makers? Stay tuned for next Wednesday when we share with you more about our awesome vendors.

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