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Vendor Profiles — Reclaim Urban Farm, Steve and Dan’s Fresh BC Fruit, & Stonepost Farms

Meet some of our friends!

Our Market features the best local vendors in town. Every Wednesday during the market season we will be releasing Vendor Profiles as part of our collaboration with our amazing vendors. This week we’re highlighting the inner-city Reclaim Urban Farm, the awesome family-slash-team-driven Steve and Dan’s Fresh BC Fruit, and the family-oriented, Stonepost Farms. These three vendors bring to the market the best produce around.


Reclaim Urban Farm

Reclaim Urban Farm, started by Ryan Mason and Cathryn Sprague, is a realization of hard work, dedication, and civic pride. Sprawling all over the Garneau and Whyte Avenue areas of Edmonton, Alberta, Reclaim Urban Farm produces good, low impact and organically grown, veggies to over 40 restaurants and multiple markets around the city. Fully managed by Ryan now that Cathryn has moved on to other projects, Reclaim Urban Farm has become a hallmark organization for the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture program). Not only is Reclaim conscious about its micro-farming and use of the land, it also acknowledges the significance of our land (Treaty 6) and what this land means to people. Reclaim gives back to the community in exchange for the land that it uses to produce its delicious greens. Ryan and his team at Reclaim believe that everybody has the right to healthy food, land, water, and air. They are making the effort to provide that to the people of their community. Reclaim’s products range from pea shoots to edible flowers, tomatoes to baby romaine lettuce; you name it, and Reclaim probably has it. We’re so happy that Reclaim Urban Farm is a part of the 124 Grand Market family and we look forward to growing our relationship together. Mainly because Reclaim is a group of good people and we like good people. Come and see them this Thursday at the 124 Grand Market!

You can keep up to date, and see what Reclaim Urban Farm is up to, here—




Steve & Dans-01

Steve and Dan’s Fresh BC Fruit

Steve and Dan’s, owned by Steve and Dan Souto, is a produce vendor focussed on sustainability, community, integrity, and of course, family. Being third generation fruit farmers from Oliver, British Columbia, Steve and Dan know a few things about growing the best produce possible. However, it’s not only the two namesakes that make the business run smoothly, it’s also their family, their friends, and those that help them out! For Steve and Dan, the family is most important. Having started Steve and Dan’s Fresh BC Fruit ten years ago, these fine gentlemen are no rookies when it comes to providing us Albertans with quality fruits and vegetables. The goal is to provide people with food that has been grown and picked with love and care. Steve and Dan’s products range from juicy cherries to those to-die-for BC peaches, “fruit-leather” and even fresh juices made from the fruits picked on the Souto farms and other farms from trusted friends that share the Steve and Dan values. Steve, Dan, and their merry-band of friendly faces have been a part of the 124 Grand Market family for seven years now. In fact, they’re a staple at almost every market in the province. We’re incredibly grateful that Steve and Dan have been with our market since the beginning and we’re so excited for our future together! So don’t be shy, come on down to the 124 Grand Market on both Thursdays and Sundays to see the always smiling Steve and Dan’s Fresh BC Fruit crew.

You can keep up to date, and see what Steve and Dan’s Fresh BC Fruit is up to, here—






Stonepost Farms

Stonepost Farms, run by John and Becky Doherty, is a farm out by the Wildwood area and also our host for this year’s Grand Taste Tour, they focus on growing and raising sustainable, and natural, produce and livestock. Both John and Becky have science degrees and have extensive experience in agriculture and land use, which indicates that they really know what they are doing. They hope to pass down their knowledge and values to the next generation of farmers which also includes their two adorable children. Their main focus is regenerative farming, which is more than simply being sustainable. They are always trying to comprehend how their farm is interconnected and how they can better that connection to get the most out of their land, thus they take a holistic approach to farming by looking at what makes their farm, whole. They’re constantly looking for ways to get better so that they can continuously return their land to its natural state thus, as a result, getting the most out of their farm. Now that their growing season is in full force, Stonepost farms will have more and more produce as we go into July, produce such as radishes, carrots, potatoes, etc. They also have delicious animal products such as chickens, eggs, beef, pork, and even their own honey! Stonepost’s goal is to take the land and make it better. We’re happy to have them back at the market with us for the second year, and we look forward to growing together with their family.

You can keep up to date, and see what Stonepost Farms is up to, here—





We hope you’re enjoying these vendor profiles, share with us what you love the most about these market makers? Stay tuned for next Wednesday when we share with you more about our awesome vendors.


  1. Brittney
    June 28, 2018

    We love Stonepost! Can’t wait to chat with them more about sustainable farming (and learn a bit more than what Netflix documentaries have taught me!)

    • admin
      July 31, 2018

      Hey Brittney, if you want to learn more about their regenerative farming practices we would super recommend coming to our Grand Taste Tour! They will be speaking to their farming ethos and will be touring the group around their facilities.
      An event not to be missed! Get tickets here.

  2. Brittney
    July 27, 2018

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