Little Beans Program

Little Beans, began in the summer of 2015. Inspired by the nationally-recognized “POP (Power of Produce) Club” at the Oregon City Farmers’ Market, Little Beans introduces kids to fresh, local foods and educates them about where food comes from. Little Beans aims to encourage healthy nutrition and conscientious consumer habits for children ages 4-12.

CLICK HERE to sign your child up for this market season.

The Program Goals:

Starting in June, parents will sign their children up for the program at the Little Beans market tent on Thursday evening. Once signed up, each child will receive a token to exchange for a produce item or food plant of their choice from a number of participating vendors. A reusable Little Beans shopping bag will be provided to each child, promoting the program and our generous sponsor Apple Dental. A large thanks also goes out to Glass Half Full for being another one of our 2019 sponsors for this great program. Families will be encouraged to bring the bag to the market weekly when they come to do their shopping. To date, we have had over 600 kids enroll in the program.

Little Beans extends beyond the weekly farmers' market experience. Membership to the program will include access to other programming as it becomes available, like workshops and other educational opportunities. Little Beans hopes to connect the children to how their food is grown and illuminate all the interesting steps between farm and table.

How It Works:

Little Beans is a free, interactive and educational program that engages children and families with their farmer, the story of their food, and ultimately promotes healthy living.

Each week, kids will receive a Little Beans Market Token, which will allow that child to purchase produce or plants from participating market vendors. The vendors will be reimbursed for the value of each Little Beans purchase. Funds are compensated through Market Bucks fees, which are donated directly to support the program, as well as sponsorship and grant dollars.


The Little Beans Program has really opened up the opportunity for our daughter to interface directly with market vendors and the healthy products they have on offer. Every week my daughter rushes to the market tent to pick up her token and then sprints around the market to figure out where to spend her bucks! What a great opportunity for little ones to learn about the people who produce the food we eat throughout the growing season.
— Travis Kennedy